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Hot Air BalloonMem­ber­ship in the Skowhe­gan Area Cham­ber of Com­merce is an invest­ment in your busi­ness. It sig­ni­fies your com­mit­ment to the Chamber’s goals to attract and retain jobs, enhance our qual­ity of life; ini­ti­ate pro­grams, which will improve the busi­ness cli­mate, and pro­vide ser­vices that will help your busi­ness pros­per. Through mem­ber­ship sup­port, the Cham­ber can pro­vide busi­nesses with refer­rals, advo­cacy, net­work­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties, lead­er­ship, infor­ma­tion and resources. One of the best invest­ments you can make is mem­ber­ship in the Skowhe­gan Area Cham­ber. It pro­vides busi­nesses with direct ben­e­fits and pro­motes improved area busi­ness in general.

The Cham­ber of Commerce’s name has strong and imme­di­ate recog­ni­tion and is asso­ci­ated with busi­nesses that fos­ter an improved busi­ness cli­mate and com­mu­nity sup­port. Many busi­nesses and indi­vid­u­als turn first to the Cham­ber for infor­ma­tion about area businesses.

Cham­ber Advan­tage Program

The Skowhe­gan Area Cham­ber of Com­merce is proud to offer our Mem­bers the Cham­ber Advan­tage Pro­gram. This pro­gram is being re-​booted after a few years on the shelf because we think it is a great way to help our mem­ber busi­nesses. Every busi­ness can ben­e­fit from the pro­gram for the fol­low­ing reasons:

It’s free!
It’s easy!
It will drive busi­ness to your door!
It is a ben­e­fit you can give your employees.

Here’s how it works:

  • EVERY Mem­ber Busi­ness will receive 1 key tag for EACH of their employ­ees, full-​time & part-​time (Thou­sands of poten­tial customers)
  • Mem­ber busi­nesses are invited to, but are NOT required to, offer a dis­count to all other SACC mem­ber busi­ness employees
  • Make sure your dis­count is one you would feel com­fort­able giv­ing to 3,000 to 4,000 local customers
  • You may change your dis­count up to 4 times per year by call­ing us or by send­ing us an e-​mail (once per quar­ter only please)
  • The full list of dis­counts will be pub­lished & updated bi-​weekly on an inner office hand­out and below
  • New mem­ber dis­counts may be included in some SACC News & Notes updates
  • Extra key tags for new employ­ees can be obtained from the SACC Office
  • Major employ­ers can get extra key tags to give out to new hires
  • We ask employ­ers to take away an employee’s key tag upon termination
  • Any employee com­ing to the office to get their own key tag will be vet­ted as to which mem­ber busi­ness they work for
  • If a mem­ber drops their mem­ber­ship we will need the key tags to be turned into our office at that time

The Dis­counts


Gift Cer­tifi­cate Program

About Cham­ber Gift Cer­tifi­cates
The Skowhe­gan Area Cham­ber of Com­merce founded the gift cer­tifi­cate pro­gram in an attempt to encour­age Cen­tral Main­ers to shop locally. Upon pur­chase, the buyer receives a list of par­tic­i­pat­ing Cham­ber mem­ber busi­nesses. The receiver can then go to any Cham­ber mem­ber on the list to redeem the gift cer­tifi­cate. By pro­vid­ing these ver­sa­tile gift cer­tifi­cates, gift cer­tifi­cate givers and receivers alike are bound to be delighted

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